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Date: Sunday, December 4, 2022
Location: Inglewood Community Pool, corner Elliot & Rata St, Inglewood


8:00am Transition & Race Registration Opens

8:45am Transition & Race Registration Closes

8:50am Race Briefing

9:00am Long Course and Short Course Start

Course Information:

Short Course Triathlon- 2km Run/Walk / 10km Bike / 100m Swim

Short Course Duathlon- 2km Run/Walk / 10km Bike / 1km Run/Walk

Long Course Triathlon- 4km Run/Walk / 18km Bike / 300m Swim

Long Course Duathlon- 4km Run/Walk / 18km Bike / 1km Run/Walk


Course Map: view here

Course Description: Our first event of the season with a pool swim that is suitable for beginners to the sport. The triathlon is in reverse order. Starting with the run around the outside of the grass fields. Onto the bike which is flat to start with and then a few hills to sink your teeth into. Participants will then finish with a swim in the Inglewood community pool or a shorter run on the grass field for duathletes.

Entry Fees:


*Member = an up to date financial member of the Taranaki Triathlon Club for the 2022/23 season. 

**All participants must be at least 12years of age to participate on road events unless with prior written approval from the committee.

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