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De-Brief: Mitchell Cycles Bike Maintenance Session

On Thursday 28th July Blair Cox from Mitchell Cycles presented a cycle maintenance course for all club and non-club members. The aim of the session was to educate participants on the basic running of their bicycles and create an environment for people to ask questions.

Committee member Jon Wallace attended the session and gives us a short insight into the evening: Blair Cox from Mitchell’s Cycles came to Fitzroy Surf Club on Thursday night and gave us a talk on cycle maintenance.

The talk included:

Suggestions for cleaning the bike frame, chain and gears.

Recommendations when travelling with your bike.

The air pressures to be used in tires for different road surfaces and temperatures.

The use of tubular tires and gluing suggestions.

Tips on derailleur adjustment.

When bike parts including the bearings, the chain, seat, rear derailleur hanger, brakes etc need to replaced.

We would like to say a big thank you to Blair for a very useful discussion. Remember to keep an eye out for further skills seasons throughout the winter months, a great time to widen your knowledge pool.

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